M14 Medic Firearms


Do to current OIC changes of firearms classification we are not providing gunsmithing services on M14 Platforms at this time

Standard Accurization package; $350
This includes; Full rifle inspection, Lapping bolt to minimum spec (contact on both bolt bearing surfaces) if headspace allows, Trigger tune - up, Gas System tightening and/or shimming, Indexing barrel to TDC, Op-rod Guide NM conditioning. We can install a new NM Op Rod Guide and 1 million round spring for an additional $70
USGI/Chi-com Hybrid with a Wolverine Supplies USGI IDF Parts kit: $475
What the package entails; You send me a USGI Parts kit (HB or Standard profile) and a complete or partially complete Chinese rifle. I will remove and clean all of the parts from the USGI parts kit. I will remove all parts from the Chinese rifle (this will include removing the Flash Hider, Gas System etc.) and break it down to its base parts. I cannot guarantee that the FH will come off in one piece. I will then install the USGI parts onto the Chinese receiver. I will fit the barrel to the receiver, index it at TDC. I will epoxy the oprod guide in place. I will tweak/fit the oprod until it fits your receiver (some material may need to be removed from the oprod tab to fit the Chinese receiver). I will function test (tilt test, Hammer follow test etc.). Lap the bolt to the receiver to ensure good contact on both lugs. Test fire and zero the iron sights on the completed Hybrid rifle. All original Chi-com parts will be returned with the completed rifle so that you may sell the unused parts to re-coup some of the cost of the project.
Full NM Accurization Package; $850
This includes every single item from the Standard package as well as; Tig welded Gas system, Lapping the bolt to the perfectly align with the receiver, Bedding the rifle to the stock and Installation of NM sights or Scope rail. You will need to supply the sights and/or scope rail. You will want to supply a NM Flash hider or an equivalent muzzle device. Some Chinese rifles are just not suitable for this package. If so, I will contact and advise of the best course of action.
Brush Rifle Modification; $150
This is your barrel cut to 18.5" (Canadian shortest legal length) crowned and threaded 1/2"x28. If done at the same time as the Standard Accurization Package (which I highly recommend), the price drops to $100. You will have to supply a muzzle treatment/Front sight system.
Tig weld NM gas system modification; $150
This involves tightening the barrel gas system splines, Tig welding the gas system. The cost of this drops to $125 if done at the same time as the Standard Accurization package. I list this as a separate item as I hire this out to a person whom is much better at welding than I am.
Scope rail installation; $125
This will include truing the scope rail to the rifle bore, as much as possible and tuning ejection to eliminate jammed cases. You will need to provide a scope base. I do not recommend the NCStar scope base as the base will shoot loose and is very difficult to align and achieve good lock-up.
Bedding; $450
This will only be done after the Standard Accurization package and the gas system tig welding package are done. I will not waste your money bedding a Chinese stock. This involves removing all stock hardware adjusting it for clearances, Epoxy Bedding the stock ferrule and stock liner into the stock, Bedding the action into the stock with the optimum draw weight to increase accuracy and consistency.
Barrel installation; $275
You supply a short chambered replacement barrel. I will lap the bolt lugs to the receiver and cut the chamber to 308 Winchester or 7.62x51. I recommend adding an Accurization package.
Shop Rate; $75/hr
If a service is not listed, please contact us, and we will let you know if its possible or not. We are proud to use the "M14 Op Rod Spring Guide Gen II " from S&J Hardware: http://www.sjhardware.com/Default.asp

Email: sales@m14medic.ca

Regina Saskatchewan